• Manufacturer

    Gas Manifold System

    for various gases
  • Manufacturer

    Gas Filling Station

    Gas cylinders upto 230 bar
  • Manifold

    Well equiped with CNC

    to suit the job requirement
  • Manufacturer

    Cylinder Cascade

    Gas Cylinder Bank
  • Manufacturer

    Orbital Welding

    for Ultra High Pure Gas Tubing

Welcome To Sri Venkateshwara Engineering (SVE)

Sri Venkateshwara Engineering (SVE) was Established in the year 1998 in Bangalore, INDIA. SVE is an India-based manufacturing Industry. Manufacturer of all types of Gas Handling Equipment, together with Designing, Engineering, Fabrication and Installation. Founded in 1998, we provide custom-engineered Industrial Gas and Cryo equipment to customers throughout India, South East Asia and Gulf Countries.

Being an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, we have a well-defined quality control process that is structured to meet the international benchmarks of quality. Our core competence is "Customer Satisfaction" and we are improving upon the quality of our products & services, we endeavor to create value for our customer.

With Good Infrastructure, Skilled manpower and by using Advanced Machinery, we achieve better quality and accuracy in all our products.

Evolving ourselves with time, we have achieved a special place for ourselves in both domestic & international markets in which we operate our business.

Our Mission

To become a leading company through Innovation, Technology, Quality, Safety Oriented, being Eco friendly while following highest standards and providing customer satisfaction being our main Motto.

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Serving Since
22 Years
World Leaders in
Gas Industry
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All India Industrial
Gas Members Association

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Sri Venkateshwara Engineering an India-based manufacturing of all type gas handling equipment, together with related engineering, installation and startup services. Founded in 1998, we provides custom-engineered industrial gas equipments to customers throughout the India.
SVE designs, manufactures and supplies various Industrial equipments both standards & tailor made viz. flow skids, Gas mixers, Industrial gas filling station, Gas manifolds, main valves and check valves for Gas, flash back Arrestors, for gases and liquids. SVE also supplies Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Acetylene, Ammonia, LPG, Argon and Carbon di oxide related equipments. SVE undertake Turnkey projects to Industrial Gas Pump Filling Station, Piping for both Gases & Cryogenic Liquids.

Our Products

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Orbital Welding
High Pressure Gas Handling Equipment
Industrial Gas Filling Station
Cascade Skids
Gas Distribution Systems
Gas Blender
Flow Skids
Vacuum Jacketed Cryo Pipeling
Testing Station
Safety Relief Valves
Copper Pigtails / Flexible Hoses
Phase Separator
Flash Back Arrestors
High Pressure Valve
Brass Fitting
Check Valve

Our Gas Systems have been Approved by World Leaders in Gas Industry.

M/s. Linde India Limited | M/s Inox Air Products Ltd | M/s Prax Air India Ltd | M/s SICGIL SOL | M/s Matheson K Air India Pvt Ltd

All Our Gas systems will be supplied with 3rd party inspection agencies such as BVQI / TUV / SGS INDIA Based on customer requirement.

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