Quads / Cascades

  • Can be designed for storage of 2 cylinders to 300 cylinders.
  • Solid cage structure made of alloy steel to withstand the external impacts, also comes with provision for forklift handling and hook for handling using a crane or hydra.
  • Reduces manual handling of cylinders.
  • To avoid corrosion, quads/cascades are galvanized, therefore, these can be used in offshore applications as well as in corrosive environments.
  • Safer handling of cylinders, as the movement of cylinders is arrested in all the axes of movement
  • System comes with pressure gauge, filling and discharge valves.
  • Quad assembly can be fabricated for skid mounted trailers.
  • Gas services offered: Oxygen, Inert Gases, Nitrogen, Argon CO2 Mixer Gases, Acetylene, Hydrogen Gas, etc.
  • Two types of quads: Vertical Cylinder Quad and Horizontal Cylinder Quad.
  • Vertical Cylinder Quad: where the cylinders are places vertically, with manifold placed above the cylinder. Feasible for up to 16 cylinder storage.
  • Horizontal Cylinder Quad: in this type the cylinders are placed horizontally, can be used to store over 20 cylinders in a single pack.

We also design and fabricate customised quads/cascades based on your requirement.

  • We fabricate and supply 300+ Manifold Cylinder Pallets and 450+ Cylinder Pallets to M/s. Linde India and M/s. Linde Bangladesh, every financial year.
  • We fabricate and supply 150+ Manifold Cylinder Pallets, DA clusters, 48 cylinder Hydrogen Quads to M/s. Praxair India, every financial year.
  • We designed, fabricated and supplied 3 skid mounted trailer for storage, transportation & usage of over 200 hydrogen cylinders.

few of our other customers are: M/s. Sicgil Sol India limited, M/s. INOX Air Products, M/s. Jhajjar Power Station Limited, Indian Institute of Sciences, ISRO and many more….