Centralized Gas Piping / Tubing

Safety being our top priority, all our service technicians are trained regarding all the Safety Procedures and Life Saving rules. We are proud to say that we have not had any major incident while performing job work on-site.

Specialized Gas Piping Systems Designed by us:

  • High Pressure Hydrogen Gas line for M/s. Saint Gobain, Chennai.
  • Gas piping with Boosting system for Injection Moulding at M/s. INDO MIM TEC, Bangalore.
  • Gas Tubing with Twin booster, purifying and metering system for Analytical lab in JNCASR.
  • Corrosive Gas lines for Anhydrous HCl and NH3 at M/s. BEL, Bangalore.
  • 20000 PSI pressure line for Flammable gases at M/s. SAF, Chennai and M/s. SFL, Pondicherry.
  • Many more such projects with World’s Gas Leaders M/s. Praxair, M/s. Linde, etc.

All our systems will be tailor made as per client’s requirement and to suit their satisfaction.