• Testing Station
  • Testing Station

Water Jacketed Cylinder Testing:

• Cylinder is filled with water enclosed in a test jacket filled with water.
• Cylinder is then pressurised and letting to expand.
• Total expansion is determined by the measuring the quantity of water displaced when under pressure.
• Permanent expansion is determined by measuring the quantity of water to be replaced after release of pressure.

Conventional type Cylinder Testing:

• Volumetric expansion will be determined in this method.
• Cylinder is filled with a known quantity of water, then a known quantity of water is pressurised until the test pressure.
• Permanent volumetric expansion will be determined when cylinder under pressure.
• Total volumetric expansion will be determined after the pressure is released.

Hydro testing station consists of:

• Stretch board with an SS scale, 2 nos of Pressure Gauges, Glass and Copper tubes, Pressurising line and Valve manifold.
• Hydro Test Pump, for Test Pressure upto 350 bar or above.
• Cylinder Vice, with Valving and de-valving handle.
• Digital Weighing Scale.

• Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge.

• Heater Blower and Dryer assembly.

• Test lamp.

• Cylinder Inverter.

Third party approval (TUV, SGS, and BVQI) will be provided based on the customer’s requirement.

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