Cylinder Testing Station

Conventional type Cylinder Testing:

  • Volumetric expansion will be determined in this method.
  • Cylinder is filled with a known quantity of water, then a known quantity of water is pressurised until the test pressure.
  • Permanent volumetric expansion will be determined when cylinder under pressure.
  • Total volumetric expansion will be determined after the pressure is released.

Both the systems are approved by CCOE/PESO for Hydro Testing of Seamless Cylinders.

  • Robust pumps, Heater and Blowers are used.
  • A fully equipped Hydraulic Test Pump, with Safety Relief Valve, Pressure Gauge, Non-Return Valve, Suction Filters and Air Trap.
  • A rugged Cylinder Vice for Valving and de-valving of cylinder valve.
  • Test lamp for internal inspection.
  • A Digital Weighing Scale, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for enhanced results.
  • An experienced engineer will be deputed to train, guide and commission the system at your works.

Hydro testing station consists of:

  • Stretch board with an SS scale, 2 nos of Pressure Gauges, Glass and Copper tubes, Pressurising line and Valve manifold.
  • Hydro Test Pump, for Test Pressure upto 350 bar or above.
  • Cylinder Vice, with Valving and de-valving handle.
  • Digital Weighing Scale.
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge.
  • Heater Blower and Dryer assembly.
  • Test lamp.
  • Cylinder Inverter.