Programmes by Mathrushree

In The Pursuit of Facing Challenges

With the active involvement of parents and trained teachers, planning lessons to be taught to them every week and keep on revising these lessons off and on depending upon the progress of the children.

Mathru Shree Manovikasa Kendra provides tailor made programmes for the behaviour modification to the SPECIALLY ABLED children through the services of physiotherapy, speech therapy, music therapy, yoga therapy and special education techniques by a team of interdisciplinary teachers.

Mathru Shree Manovikasa Kendra trains the students in daily living skills, who are unable to do their daily chores, like eating, dressing, grooming, and also personal hygiene etc.

The main objective of this training programme is to infuse confidence in them, to make them feel that, they are quite efficient and can attend to their daily needs as the ordinary children of their age group and move in the society with ease and face the challenges.

Training is also provided to these special children in vocational training like candle making, chalk-making, doll-making, paper-cup making, preparation of Vaseline and gardening etc.

MSMK also has some plans to go in for sheltered workshops, where note books preparation and dairy-farming can be taken up to produce easily marketable items.

If the mentally challenged children are given training and attention by experienced staff in such activities as mentioned above, the self confidence of the students will grow more. Thereby they will be more self reliant.

Mathru Shree Manovikasa Kendra provides the following to its students.

  • Class Room Teaching
  • Physio Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Dance
  • Drawing
  • Games / Sports
  • Vocational Training
  • Life Skills
  • Medical Check-up by doctors