About us

Welcome to Mathrushree Manovikasa Kendra (MSMK)

Degree of evolvement of a society is gauged by the manner in which it cares for those placed at any kind of a disadvantage vis--vis the rest of society at large due to force of circumstances such as birth, age or disability.

A truly compassionate society makes allowances for such infirmities in a non- intrusive, participative and sensitive manner ensuring equal opportunities to all by providing a level playing field.

Mathru Shree Manovikasa Kendra (MSMK) is the outcome of such a compassionate and strong conviction to provide a level playing field to the Differently Abled Children in Bangalore. This is an initiative by Mr Basavaraju who was keen to provide shelter and training to these special children. His focus was especially on the children from the economically challenged families who are ill equipped to meet the challenges of raising such a child.

Mathru Shree Manovikasa Kendra is non-profit, non-commercial, voluntary organization dedicated to the welfare of the differently abled children. Established as a residential school in March 2003, this school is a voluntary private organisation run by MSMK, the institute is managed by a team of committed professionals working towards the welfare of the mentally challenged.

Board of Trustees

Sri. Gopal B Hosur
Chief Patron

Sri. K B Bettegowda

Sri. Lokeshwara

Sri. S. Basavaraju

Sri. K Bapuji

Smt. Swarna

More about us

Mathru Shree Manovikasa Kendra organizes regular monthly medical check up by specialised Doctors for the special children so the children maintain good health.
Identify the special need of each of the child and train him or her in personal hygiene and care.
Provide basic education specially designed for them.
Mathru Shree Manovikasa Kendra provides the children with vocational training tailored to the individual needs.
Counselling is given to the parents of the children to accept the child and train him or her at home for better development.

To give appropriate training to the disabled children to enable them to live in the society like normal people.
Extend service to bring more children into our loving care, to support and train them to be independent.
Select and train teachers for the service.
Bring into use many more equipments for the training of the disabled
Special emphasis on children from economically poorer section of the society and impart them the necessary training.

Humbly commenced in a rented accommodation in a house located in Kumara Park (West) at Bangalore, the special school has expanded its operations ever since. Mr. Basavaraju was keen to have more Centres in and around Bangalore for which new premises has been donated.

Our Future Plans

Mathru Shree Manovikasa Kendra plans to establish many more centres for a secure learning environment for these special children and to help them improve their skills for a better future.
Mathru Shree Manovikasa Kendra plans to set a residential school for these special children so as to enable the parents to go out for emergency reasons.

What We Do

  • Self help skills and self-hygiene for the children.
  • Need based training for every child.
  • Motor activities and development.
  • Physiotherapy for spastic children.
  • Reading and Writing skills.
  • Psycho-social intervention for parents.
  • Parental Counselling for handling the children.
  • Guidance and Vocational Training.
  • Yoga & Medical care by qualified doctors.
  • Sports and Physical excellence

The Faculty

  • Six full time Child Care givers specially trained to cater to the needs of the special children are available at Manovikas.
  • Twelve teachers trained and certified to handle the mentally challenged children are available at the school timings.
  • Plus twelve assistant teachers are also available to provide education and training to these children at the centres.
  • Two wardens and a driver are present round the clock for better service.
  • Doctor on call is also available.

Mathru Shree Manovikasa Kendra is proud to announce that currently the school has 123 children aged from six months to eighteen years.
Therapies and Trainings provided to the special children
Education and training to the children include self-dependence, personal care and hygiene, bathing, cleaning teeth and dressing one-self.
The education and training of these children differs a lot from that of normal children. Their syllabus includes basic reading writing and mathematics, self-dependence, etiquettes, conversation, everyday activities and the focus is to make them self reliant.
While planning a syllabus for them their level of I.Q. and behavioural problems has to be considered and matched. Their home environment is also required to be weighed while chalking out the syllabus.
The teaching methods are tailor made for each child to suit his/her temperament, aptitude and family background.